Famous Kolhapuri Thali - Hotel Opal Kolhapur Specialty Kolhapuri Cuisine Tambada Pandhra Rassa

Restaurant timing
Morning 12.00 noon till 4.00 pm
Evening 7.30 pm till 11.00 pm
Reservations & bookings
+91 231 2536767, 2536969, 2537044
+91 9881146767, 8975212100
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Famous Kolhapuri Veg & Non Veg Thali

We serve famous Kolhapuri thali at our largest AC dining hall in south west Maharashtra, Konkan, Goa & north Karnataka
Our specialty since last 5 decades is the famous Kolhapuri Mutton Thali, famous Kolhapuri Chicken Thali, Famous Kolhapuri Veg Thali, Tambda Rassa & Pandhra Rassa.

Along with the authentic specialty local cuisine we also serve the other famous menu. See our menu here.
"Authentic Kolhapuri cuisine... since 1968"

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